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The Ohio State University South Campus Renovation

Photographer: Brad Feinknopf

Architect/Designer: Schooley Caldwell Associates

Client: Schooley Caldwell Associates

Location: Columbus, OH

Shoot Date:
October 07, 2013
Park, Stradley, Steeb, Smith and Seibert halls were all once five separate dormitories on OSU’s south campus; now, with the South Campus High Rise Renovation project, there are three main dormitories: Seibert Hall, which was has fully renovated interiors; Park-Stradley Hall, and Smith-Steeb Hall. The renovation paired up the four high-rise dormitory buildings and combined them into two separate dorms by adding one main lobby, two large communal study areas, a Sky Lounge, and also more rooms for students. The renovation also added air conditioning to the buildings, communal study spaces on each floor in each wing and also adding multiple communal co-ed bathrooms to each floor as well. Also, a complete overhaul of the interior decoration helped complete the renovation as well.
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