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Sagamore Distillery

Photographer: Alan Karchmer

Architect/Designer: Ayers Saint Gross

Client: Ayers Saint Gross

Location: Baltimore, MD

Shoot Date:
November 11, 2017
Sagamore Spirit Distillery combines a sophisticated whiskey production facility, including the world’s only handmade 40-foot mirrored finished copper column still, with an interactive visitor experience on a five-acre waterfront campus in Baltimore. The campus is comprised of three buildings: a distillery building dedicated to the making of the whiskey; a processing building with areas for bottling, barreling, tasting, and retail; and a waterfront restaurant building with a whiskey bar overlooking the distillery. The on-campus water tower holds spring water transported from nearby Sagamore Farm. The three buildings boast floor-to-ceiling glass windows to allow visitors to see the whiskey production and displays the outdoor courtyards and waterfront. (Ayers Saint Gross)
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