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Roofless House by Craig Steely

Photographer: Darren Bradley

Architect/Designer: Craig Steely

Client: Personal Work

Location: Atherton, CA

Shoot Date:
May 01, 2018
Responding to a client who wished to "live outdoors" in the temperate climate of Silicon Valley, and whose lot faced neighboring houses on all sides, Craig Steely focused his view upward and created a seemingly roofless house.

From the architect's website:

"The living spaces are open planned and blur the connection between indoor/outdoor with retractable sliding doors and continuous materials like travertine on the floors and cedar on the walls. But what sets this building apart is the continuous curving wall that surrounds it. It fully encloses the house, blocking out the less desirable views, focusing on the more meaningful views and creating interest as the sunlight and shadows move through the day along it’s surfaces. At it’s most elemental, the curving wooden wall creates a visual backdrop seen through the interior landscape of plants and birch trees, animated by the shadows moving across it all day."
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