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Moroccan Court, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photographer: Michael Moran

Architect/Designer: Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates

Client: Landscape Architecture Magazine

Shoot Date:
Published Date:
February 01, 2012
For the courtyard, the Met commissioned a team of Moroccan craftsmen from Fez who travailed for six months perched above the museum’s famous Greek and Roman galleries, tracing out and carving intricate patterns and interlaces, molding fresh plaster, and inlaying stones much in the manner of their 14th-century forebearers. The result is a quiet and dignified courtyard in the “medieval Maghrebi-Andalusian-style,” a complex layering of space animated by walls of color, bands of rich materials superimposed over the other, and the echoing sounds of bubbling water.
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