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UK Pavilion "Seed Cathedral" / Shanghai Expo 2010

Photographer: James Ewing

Architect/Designer: Heatherwick Studio

Client: Thomas Heatherwick Studio

Location: Shanghai, China

Shoot Date:
May 30, 2010
Shanghai Expo 2010 - UK Pavilion: The first World Expo came about in the United Kingdom and was then known as the Great Exhibition, held in the Crystal Palace at Hyde Park. This majestic metal-and-glass edifice was not only home to the extravaganza display of products from all over the world, but was also the iconic symbol of the world fair, being considered one of the most beautiful structures in the world until a fire destroyed it half a century ago. Now, the United Kingdom has brought to Expo visitors a new version of the Crystal Palace – a dazzling cube formed by more than 60,000 slim and transparent acrylic rods containing seeds of different plants that were collected in a bio-diversity project.
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