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Abeno Harukas

Photographer: Danica Kus

Architect/Designer: César Pelli

Client: Personal Work

Location: Osaka, Japan

Shoot Date:
April 25, 2015
Abeno Harukas is a multifunctional urban space situated in the Abeno district of Osaka, Japan. Japan Railway's Kintetsu Corporation built the skyscraper as a hub for various railway terminals.
Harukasu in Japanese means to brighten or to clear up, which suggests that it provides stunning and clear views of Osaka's skyline.
Construction of the building commenced in February 2011. The 60-storey building became the tallest skyscraper in the country at 984 feet. The grand opening of the building was held in March 2014.
The skyscraper provides direct connections to the Kansai International Airport, Umeda, Shin-Osaka and Osaka International Airport.
The building also includes observatory decks, a museum, a university, hotel, department store, hospital, restaurants, retail spaces and offices. (Design Build)
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