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OTTO has photographers available to be commissioned for new assignments. To hire a photographer for a project, please send an email to or call 212-777-0078.

Our goal is to make your image search experience as easy and fast as possible. We continually add to our vast archive. New work is added and keyworded daily. If for some reason you don't see what you are looking for please contact us, we always have fresh work in production.

OTTO strives to protect the interests, intellectual property, and livelihoods of the contributors with whom we work, and for this purpose has mandated License Compliance Services to manage copyright compliance on our behalf.

Search Tips

Use quotes to match a phrase:
If you are looking images that contain an exact phrase, use quotations to preserve the phrase. For example, if you are searching for images of pink walls, search "pink walls".

Use '&' to find images that contain all of your keywords:
If you are looking for images that contain multiple keywords, leave a space between each word or use '&'. For example, if you are searching for images that include both 'contemporary' and 'interior', search 'contemporary interior' or 'contemporary & interior'.

Photo by OTTO

NEW SEARCH OPTIONS MENU: Search the archive by using six separate options: *Project, *Keyword (Projects), *Keyword (Images), *Photographer, *Image ID, OR *Architect / Designer.

Photo by OTTO


Photo by OTTO

BASIC SEARCH OPTION #2: Architect / Designer (e.g. RICHARD MEIER)

Photo by OTTO

KEYWORD (PROJECTS): A generalized search option used for thematic or multiple image-needs based research (e.g. COASTAL)

Photo by OTTO

KEYWORD (IMAGES): Advanced search option for specific characteristics (e.g. LIGHT)

Photo by OTTO

Image searches may also consist of two or more words within quotations. (e.g. "PINK WALLS")


A Project is a related group of images or specific architectural or design project.

Requesting Images

Images may be requested be contacting OTTO either by email or by phone. See the "contact us" link in the left sidebar for contact information.


Use the "Photographers" link in the sidebar to open a list of syndicated photographers. Select the photographer's name from the list to see the images they have to offer.

Contacting OTTO

Use the "contact us" link in the sidebar to reveal OTTO contact information.